GB.API Game Install Guide

Adding our api to your game is extremely easy!

Step 1
Create an account then go to the Add game page. All api code will be given to you here. After typing in the name of your game you'll get a code snippet. Copy and paste that on your first frame, on top of everything.

Load API
This is how the api is loaded. Copy this code to the first frame on top of everything. The GAME_ID is given to you when you submit

Step 2
Add each high score board info. Copy and paste the code snippet to your game where a score is submitted.

To submit a score

Step 3
Add each achievement. Copy and paste the code snippet for when the achievement should be called. The api will check if the achievement has already been earned.

To save an achievement

Step 4
You may wish to show earned achievements or the high score boards. Use the below code to do that. Use the same board_id that is given to you in the SubmitScore function.

Show high score board

Show all achievements

Step 5
Enter in the remaining info and upload your game and thumbnails. The game will be reviewed and added to the GameFeed in under 48 hours. If you run into issues email